About Us


Meridian Worldwide employs a mid-sized team comprising of software developers, technology experts, marketing specialists, UX designers, financial managers and data analysts. Our team has extensive experience in strategic implementation and management of ground-breaking business solutions.

Software Developers

With a vast experience in a variety of coding languages and application technologies.

Technology Experts

Offering an in-depth approach to innovative and cost-effective technological solutions.

Marketing Specialists

Profound ability to plan, develop and execute highly targeted campaigns across a variety of mediums.

Financial Managers

A multi-functional approach to financial planning, modelling and decision making.

UX Designers

Enhancing customer satisfaction through design, usability and accessibility.

Data Analysts

Experts in the compilation and organisation of big-data analytics and modelling.


Our innovative team has developed an unprecedented knowledge and in-depth understanding of software development and mobile application solutions across a multitude of industries. Our goal is to ensure our clients always achieve and maintain their vision by focusing on their core offering.

We develop ground-breaking solutions using technology you can trust. With great people, the possibilities are endless!